School Management Software- Indispensable tool for K-12 Schools

After US and UK, India has the largest number of schools and students enrolled under K-12 segment. India is a fast growing economy with large amount of investments coming into education sector. Both government and private sectors are investing in education sector to overcome challenges faced by schools. Emerging technologies and digital tools are helping in preparing schools to face the contemporary world and also provide good networking between teachers, students and parents.

School management software can bring a lot of change in the education sector by automating various administrative and academic tasks. It can help tracking progress of each and every child so that institutions can provide better facilities. Administrators can use it for preparing transfer certificates, copy of admission register, generation of school reports, merits and scholarship, preparation of SSLC examination database and tracking of applications from students for various events like sports and cultural events.

School management software is the backbone of any school as it manages student’s fees, time table, hostel, examination and almost every function of the school. There are different modules available for different domains like student management system, fee management system, hostel management system, accounts management system, library management system, Examination management system, HR management system, Inventory management system etc. With the help of this school management software school costs for operational are cut down to 22 to 23 percent.

The benefits of using school management software are:

  • Automates entire process of your school related to academics and administration, resulting in increased overall efficiency.
  • Integrates every school activity into a centralized & unified system to form a common platform for students, parents, staff & management to manage their tasks & activities.
  • Helps you harness the power of technology to increase institutional revenues.
  • Efficiently manages entire lifecycle of students’- enquiry, admission, attendance, fees, time-table, syllabus, homework, exam, result, library, transport & hostel.
  • Efficiently manages all administrative tasks of your school like- front desk, HR, leave & payroll, inventory management, fee collection, communication with parents, library, transport, help desk, certification management and reporting.
  • Facilitates academic staff to manage attendance, time-table, lesson plan, home-work, assignment, exam and result. Helps them to save their capabilities from getting engaged in non-academic activities.
  • Extends schools capability to connect & collaborate with students, parents and staff through streamlined communication tools- SMS and Email.
  • Secure online transactions
  • Good communication between different departments of school as data can be easily shared and recovered using school management software.
  • Good communication between teachers, students and parents on daily assignments, academic schedules, syllabus and other announcements through email, SMS and internet sites etc.
  • Maintain school finances like funds, allowances, fees, donations etc. on paper are difficult and tedious job with chances of error. Therefore, the automated systems designed that manages all the school’s finances safe and secure and prevent from the fraud acts.
  • Management of schedule in an organized manner. All the timings for exams and time tables are planned ahead so as to improve the competency among students, increase the productivity of the teachers and also well aware parents.
  • With management software grading, calculating and preparing students reports cards become relatively much easy.
Author: Pankaj Dwivedi
Having tremendous experience in financial analysis, business management & entrepreneurship, Pankaj has the breadth and depth of skills needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.

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