School Management System for Preschool

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I’ve recently switched from another preschool management system to Quick School. I’ve been delighted with the product’s features. It has significantly tightened up my preschool operations, particularly with fees collection & reporting. Not only is Quick School superior to other products I used, their support is the best I’ve ever had.

Menka Singh Rajpoot
Blooming Buds Academy

School Management System designed for Preschool, Day Care & NurseryDiscover a school mgmt. software that takes the efficiency & productivity of preschools to new heights.

With Quick School you’ll take total control of your daily child care operations, including attendance tracking, recurring and attendance based billing, immunization and vaccination management, classroom ratio monitoring, field trip coordination, meal counting and billing, check-in/check-out control, biometric security access, and so much more. You’ll get the most modern, comprehensive, and sophisticated tools available today to manage your fast paced preschool.

Parents Features in NutshellLet the parents enable to get in touch with the school for all necessary info of their kids in real time.

Secure Check-In & Check-Out of Your Kids

Your child can be checked-in or checked-out only by you or any of the persons authorized by you through confidential pass codes. Additionally, you get instant notification through SMS every time your child is checked-in or checked-out to/from school premises. It gives you that peace of mind.

Be informed. Get daily report

What did your child do today? Now you will always know. School share your child’s activities, meals, naps, pictures and notes to you on a daily basis in the form of Daily Report. Activity reports and pictures of your child’s day give you a view of their day as well as keep you informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while you are at work.

All Updates Are Private And Secure

We understand that nothing is more important to a parent than the security of their children and their children’s information. That’s why we have engineered our system to allow safe and secure sharing from provider to parent.

Instant Alert & Notification

Parents receive all regular and emergency alerts, updates and important notifications instantly by text messages & System Email throughout the day.

Mark Vacation from Home

No need to worry if you want to inform your school of your child’s absence. Mark your child on vacation or sick using your dashboard.

Pay Fee Online

It’s just so easy to see your child’s fee dues and pay online. It gives you the flexibility to pay either through credit card or online banking. You can also continue to deposit fee through check or cash if you wish.

Admin Module FunctionsHelps to efficiently handle day-to-day activity and facilitates better coordination with the parents.


Create and manage enquiries for admission. Details of an enquiry can be viewed and pending enquires can be followed up. Enquiry reports can be generated on various parameters like- pending enquiries, kids group wise enquiries, priority level wise enquiries and mode wise enquiries (walk-in, telephonic, reference, email)

Kids Information

This module keeps personal and all other vital info of a kid handy to the school management. It also keeps tracks of all the relevant documents of a kid- like birth certificate.

Admin Support

School admin can get in touch with the software company for any kind of technical support related to functioning of the school management system, any time they want. We have an amazing team to handle any tech support to the School Admins 12×7. They just need to write to us or give us a call. Alternatively, they can initiate a live chat session to get instant support.

Daily Report

Share kid’s activities, meals, naps, pictures and notes to their parents on a daily basis in the form of Daily Report. It gives them a view of their kid’s day as well as keeps them informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while they are at work or home.

Kids Diary

Share any special remark, comment or notice about a kid with his/her parents through the Kid’s Diary. Any entry made in the diary is notified to them through dashboard notification as well as SMS alert. Parents can also leave their remark, view or counter-opinion, if they wish which is notified to the school admin.

Staff Management

There is now no hassle to handle the matters regarding staff management. The system is fully capable to handle Daily Attendance, Staff Activity Scheduling, Leave & Payroll.

Fee Accounting

The software enables the school management to handle efficiently all the matters related to collecting and keeping account of school fee. You can Collect Fee, Print Fee Receipt and Get Fee Reports and Manage Fee Due Report, Fee Deposit Report & Fee Defaulters Report

Meal Management

Create Meal Plan and publish to enable parents to view through their dashboard.


All the inventory & stock of the school in logged into the system to keep a track of the articles, so that they are audited from time to time. The system also enables to make entries of lost & damaged articles for complete & accurate accounting.

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