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Awesome experience with Quick School. Ease of use, features, support & usability- all are simply fantastic. Pankaj and his team are super responsive and a pleasure to deal with. I specially admired the detailed reporting system which provides a wealth of information to all stake holders.

Doris Wilson
Director, Saint Williams Academy

The Most Comprehensive End-to-End K-12 School Automation SolutionAutomates entire academic & administrative processes of your school, inspires student success and Increases overall efficiency.

Managing academics and administration of K-12 schools in today’s world has become complex and challenging task. It requires careful planning, systematic approach and accurate control of administrative processes to attract the best students, produce the best results and project the best image. Coupled with tight competition from the industry, the schools are increasingly seeking to harness the benefits of information technology in order to improvise their facilities and maintain a competitive edge to their education business. Welcome to Quick School- The most comprehensive end-to-end K-12 school automation solution- extremely efficient, intuitive and state of the art school management software.

1 Platform 100s of FeaturesQuick School simplifies school management and modernizes the entire core information infrastructure

  • Complete student’s lifecycle management
  • 17 core modules & 4 pro modules to manage all aspects of academics & administration
  • Modules for admin, teacher, student, parent, front office & librarian
  • Special features include student’s blog, discussion forum, help desk & opinion poll
  • Instant alerts with SMS notifications
  • Online fee payment integration
  • Intelligent analytics and intuitive reporting
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Easy to use software- requires minimal training and IT skills
  • Modern interface for cutting edge user experience
  • Built on latest web technology
  • Hosted on cloud server for complete data security
  • Accessible from any device from anywhere at anytime
  • Zero data redundancy in managing records as the data base is centralized
  • Automatic data backup and restore facility
  • Amazing support by super responsive team

Product Overview17 core modules & 4 pro modules to manage all aspects of academics & administration of K-12 schools

Automates Academics & Administration

Automates entire process of your school related to academics and administration. The best of information technology helps you in managing most of your school activities, resulting in increased overall efficiency.

Integrates Activities of all Stakeholders

Integrates every school activity into a centralized & unified system to form a common platform for students, parents, staff & management to manage their respective tasks & activities.

Power of Cloud Computing

Offers offsite infrastructure of cloud computing with embedded ability to expand infinitely. Completely scalable & flexible best of the breed automation solution- accessible on any device, from anywhere, at any time.

Increases Institutional Revenue

Helps you harness the power of technology to increase institutional revenues. Supports school management in utilizing institutional resources to the maximum and contributes in curtailing overhead costs.

Portal Login for Every Stakeholder

Empowers every stakeholder of the school by bringing the best of information technology. Portal login for student, parent, administrator, teacher, front office and librarian to manage their respective activities and tasks.

Complete Student Lifecycle Activities

Efficiently manages entire lifecycle of students Like- enquiry, admission, attendance, fees, time-table, syllabus, homework, exam, result, discipline, library, transport and hostel.

Student's Special Features

Other salient features specially designed for students include- quick mail, student’s blog, discussion forum, helpdesk, iSupport, snap chat, online test and opinion poll.

Manages Administrative Tasks

Efficiently manages all administrative tasks of your school- front desk, HR, leave & payroll, inventory management, fee collection, communication, library, transport, help desk, certification management and reporting.

Manages Academic Tasks

Facilitates academic staff to manage attendance, time-table, lesson plan, home-work, assignment, exam and result. Helps them to save their capabilities from getting engaged in non-academic activities.

Empowers Parents

Keeps parents informed & involved all year long through a 360° view of student data providing every single detail of their academic & non-academic activities. Equips them to get better monitoring & control over their students.

Efficient Communication

Extends schools capability to connect and collaborate with students, parents and staff through streamlined communication tools like SMS and Email. Keeps them informed of all important activities through instant alerts.

Intelligent Analytics & Intuitive Reporting

Strategically facilitates authorities to get better insight and control over academics & administration management of their school. Intelligent analytics and intuitive reporting accelerates decision-making processes.

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Reuse saved content templates for easy and time-efficient creation of messages for parents.
Save money spent each year in communicating with parents through paper circulars and SMS.
QuickSchool provides branded solutions for individual schools through mobile app as well as on SMS & email.
Performance of child is the prime concern for parents. Work commitments stop them from getting involved in child's school life. QuickSchool app provides insight about the child's activities.
Our app can be downloaded by parents for free. The online fee payment feature saves money for parents in multiple ways: they save on fuel costs as they no longer need to drive to banks.
Our app can be downloaded by parents for free. The online fee payment feature saves money for parents in multiple ways: they save on fuel costs as they no longer need to drive to banks.
Parents often ask their children, "What did you do in school today?", only to be told, "Nothing much. No longer do parents have to stay in the dark about their child's progress and learning.
Students are biggest gainers from improved parent-teacher-student communication. Teachers can now devote more time per child.
Being able to view all activities and events updated online by the school, students can plan in advance and decide which events to participate in.
School-going students often miss out on some activity or event at school, either due to lack of information, shortage of time.
Classroom activity with parents. Students can produce significantly better results and improve performance by using the app effectively.
Having student profiles, mark sheets, attendance records etc. organized in one place helps teachers save time required for maintaining them.
QuickSchool lets teachers keep parents in loop about their child's progress via real time notifications on SMS & Email.
QuickSchool ensures that teachers can focus on teaching and learning, without worrying about maintaining records and handling paperwork.
QuickSchool enables teachers to organize essential everyday tasks, such as homework, timetable and attendance, online, at the click of a button.