Enhance student’s engagement in learning through technology tools

For teachers it is very difficult to engage students in classroom especially before or after lunch classes. Now days, technology is a best tool to make learning fun for the students. To implement new technologies school should provide free access of wireless networks in the campus. We cannot replace technology with teachers but with combination of good teachers and technology can result in constructive education. It is very important to introduce use of technology in classroom teaching as today’s students in their day to day life see technology everywhere they are familiar with them. By introducing technology will energize students and they will learn concepts much easily.

Some technologies that can be used in classroom to enhance learning are:-

  • Video for Lessons:
    According to research 70 percent of the population learns by visualising things happening than just reading books. Therefore to explain any concept by streaming a short video clip on you tube will give clearer picture about any topic to the students and will give education in more entertained way.
  • Use of Multimedia:
    Make class room notes in the form of presentation with the use of large number of multimedia images, graphs etc. Use of multimedia in teaching enhances student’s interests by increasing their span of attention towards any topic.
  • Students Blog:
    We can host blog posts of student’s. It is a creative method to engage student’s interest in writing like poems, short essays etc. it is the easier way to introduce technology in the classroom or launch a Wiki page where students can do their assignments in collaborative way.
  • Virtual Field- Trip:
    If you are teaching about any place which is very far too visit then by using googlecard virtual trip of that place can be done. Using these apps you can explore these famous buildings and can learn geography about that area in more interesting way.
  • Introduce Exit Tickets:
    Last ten minutes should be given to students to use technology and write the summary what they have learned it may be in online journals , tweets by using hashtag of class, comments on slideshows it helps in understanding teacher what student has actually learned from today’s lesson.
  • Game based Learning Platform:
    Video games are generally told they are addictive. But studies shows learning using video games are more effective. There are several educational games that tests what students learns and apply that concept in the game. It increases the interest of students outside the class also they can challenge their peer students.
  • Use of Social Media:
    Many teachers are using social media like facebook, twitter etc outside the classroom to initiate discussions on the topics. Because in classroom only few students speak and participate. But on social media everyone can do research on assignment and can post their views and comment on other ideas. To increase the use of technology in the class it is very important for school to update their wireless network that supports all future devices used in classroom technology.
  • Webquest:
    Webquest help students to search particular topic on internet and gather all information.
  • Podcasts:
    Teachers should mix up things like with text reading some time there should be use of podcasts that increases students interests in the topic. Like sometimes it’s becoming boring to read all the text of book but at the same time if podcast related to that topics plays it increases interests and debate over that topic.

Use of technology increases good interaction between teacher and students. Technology give chance to students to be creators and save lots of time as feedback is available instantly. It enhances learning in a fun way than traditional classroom activities

Author: Pankaj Dwivedi
Having tremendous experience in financial analysis, business management & entrepreneurship, Pankaj has the breadth and depth of skills needed to quickly understand entrepreneurs’ businesses and craft the most suitable solutions.

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