Employees leave managers, not companies

Tom Peters suggested that “leaders must make it their job to make more leaders.” But in practice, the managers should give weight to the proper attitude and aptitude. It is the responsivity of the Human resource management to see that the right people are inducted. That applies equally to managerial as well as the worker level. The HR is expected to involve and invest in leadership and development. Their inclination towards Information Technology in Business can help. A precise definition of employment layers in the organisational hierarchy is the crux of the issue.

Great leadership is something which cannot be outsourced. The management and leadership do not come out of a vacuum but by deliberate investment and planning. The investment can be by way of time, resources and money to create more leaders. The return on this investment would be significant and visible.

The attrition rate of the employees depends to a very great extent on the way in which they are treated by the managers or the arrangement. The lack of recognition and independence together with the feeling that their talents are underutilised could be the primary reason to prompt the employees to quit. A reliable HR Management Software (HRMS) would be the right tool to find out the cause behind the higher attrition rate of the cream of the employees.

The routine, mundane and monotonous jobs would make the employees feel that their calibre is not utilised properly. When creativity is lost, invariably they feel that they are less challenged intellectually.

By employing business software, such repetitive jobs can be accomplished much faster. That would help the employees to be more productive in their work. That would establish their technical competence more and more. The lack of autonomy entrusted to the employees means a lot to them. The HR Management Software such as “Quick HR” can improve their interaction, communication, and efficiency.

It is basic human instinct to seek recognition. When the managers acknowledge the employees and their excellent work, things will take a turn for good. The HR Management Software can assist the managers to monitor the progress of the work. This benchmarking would go a long way in assessment and appraisals. The praise or warning depending on the quality of work would be more realistic and factual with these benchmarks. Rather than generalisation, the manager can oversee specific tasks more carefully and accurately.

The empathy factor of the employer-employee relationship can be improved with concentrated effort. The HR Management Software shall be helpful in cementing

Author: Pankaj Dwivedi
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